Saturday, July 12, 2008

Agent M

Tijuana's Most Famous Secret Agent! AGENT M!

Saving the world from REAL illegal Aliens..


The united States and Mexico were pouring money into Tijuana to stop aliens from crossing the border illegally.

To the shock of the world Governments. Tijuana was ground Zero for REAL ALIENS who wanted to invade our world.

Tijuana's Government had to act quickly and employ an angent who would fight the aliens. Someone who would be uncoruptable, who loved to fight and who the people loved. And so was recruited Mexicos most Famous wrestler, he was given a new name a new purpose a ton of money a swinging pad all the Guns and Toys that would make James Bond jeaoulous and the imunity that would allow him to get the JOB done.

And so Agent M takes head on the Evil Dr. De Nero his Mad gang of Midgets, Zuite Zuite Zombies from Hell, Japanese Martian invaders, Beat Neck Neck Breakers, Bezerker Break Dancers from the Future and the Very Deadly Girls (the V. D. girls).

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