Friday, July 18, 2008

We all heard of the story of the UFO that crashed landed in Roswell New Mexico But what we never heard of was the story of the UFO that did land and didn't crash.

This is the story of the UFO that landed sucessfully and started it' s experiments on the people of Roswell West. And how the town banded togethet, despite there differences, and fought the aliens.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Phone 562/639/3234

3644 Berkshire rd.
Pico Rivera, Ca. 90660

Victor Lopez
Work as a Storyboard Artist
2007 2008 One Race Films Beverly hills, CA
Storyboard Concept artist illustrator
Hannibal the Conqueror
Fast and Furious Forever
Dirty Dorothy

2005 2006 Public media works Van Nuys, CA
Storyboard artist
Feature film CARPOOL GUY

2004 Groupo Gomez Publicudad, Inc West La, CA
Storyboard artist
Commercial Carls Jr

Commercials Home depot

2004 Strom Magallon Entertainment Van Nuys, CA
Storyboard artist
Commercials Army
Dodge and Pontiac.
Movie trailer NONSTERS

2004 Cevallos Brothers Productions Van Nuys, CA
Storyboard artist
Shorty TV pilor
Greatest Gift
2004 Lions Gate Beverly hills, CA
Storyboard artist
Feature film FIERCE PEOPLE

2003 Imaginary Forces HollyWood, CA
Storyboard artist
Feature Film BLADE 3
2003 Discovery Channel Venice, CA
Storyboard artist
TV pilot N.O.W.

2003 Vivendi/ Universal Culver City, CA
Storyboard artist
X Files Video Game N.I.S. Sequences
2003 20th Century Fox Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard artist

2003 Palomar Pictures Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard artist
2003 Squeak pictures West LA, CA
Storyboard artist
Masai Music Video

2002 Moxie Pictures West LA, CA
Storyboard artist
Stop run away production P.S.A.

2002 Plaster City Productions Beverly Hills, CA
Storyboard artist
Feature Film BLOOD HEAD
2001- 2002 Marvel Comics New York, NY
Layout artist
War Machine issues 2- 12
1999- 2001 Film Roman North Hollywood, CA
Storyboard artist
King of the Hill

1995–1999 Long Beach University Long Beach, CA
B.A., illustration.

Playing video games, swimming, sculpting, computers.
Emmy Nominated Storyboard Artist in 2001


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Agent M

Tijuana's Most Famous Secret Agent! AGENT M!

Saving the world from REAL illegal Aliens..


The united States and Mexico were pouring money into Tijuana to stop aliens from crossing the border illegally.

To the shock of the world Governments. Tijuana was ground Zero for REAL ALIENS who wanted to invade our world.

Tijuana's Government had to act quickly and employ an angent who would fight the aliens. Someone who would be uncoruptable, who loved to fight and who the people loved. And so was recruited Mexicos most Famous wrestler, he was given a new name a new purpose a ton of money a swinging pad all the Guns and Toys that would make James Bond jeaoulous and the imunity that would allow him to get the JOB done.

And so Agent M takes head on the Evil Dr. De Nero his Mad gang of Midgets, Zuite Zuite Zombies from Hell, Japanese Martian invaders, Beat Neck Neck Breakers, Bezerker Break Dancers from the Future and the Very Deadly Girls (the V. D. girls).

Bad Betty

In the Future Earth has gone to war against an Alien world and LOST.
Earth is now an occupied planet. Its Governments, military and ecomony has been disbanded. The people of earth have resorted back to constant in fighting and terrorism.
Betty a former soldier has returned to Earth to work as Drake as his body gaurd. Drake lost his lower body and left arm while saving Betty in a battle against the Aliens.
Drake works on Earth as a detective, who helps families find people who were lost in the war. His investigations sometimes uncover some horrible secrets. His last assignment, Cost him his life. A beautiful blond hired him to find her Father, But there are other people looking for this man as well and there are people who don't want him to be found.
Betty feel she failed her boss and continues the investigation. Her search takes her to some very dangerous places and she meets some very scary people, both Human and Alien.
But Betty is a bad ass herself. She's someone who can take care of herself. That's why she got the nick name Bad Betty.